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.案件名(Subject: Request of Public Comments)

 (Request of Public Comments on (Draft)amending the Ministerial Ordinance of Technical Standards and Requirements for Metal Escape Ladders)

.案件の内容・説明(Descriptions and Explanation Request)



  The Ministerial Ordinance on the Technical Specifications for Metal Escape Ladders (Home Affairs Ministry Ordinance No. 3 in 1965 hereinafter referred to as the “Ministerial Ordinance”) sets down the specifications applicable to fixed ladders, prop ladders, and suspended ladders. The Ministerial Ordinance assumes that suspended ladders will be used in abutting contact with a building wall. However, as a recent trend, many suspended ladders are normally retracted into a fire escape apparatus hatch, and they are used in cases of emergency without abutting against a building wall.
  Taking such trend into consideration, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications intends to amend a part of the Ministerial Ordinance in order to set down new rules on a test that checks the shaking movement, strength and corrosion resistance of suspended ladders retractable into a hatch (hereinafter referred to as “hatch-retractable suspended ladders”).



  In addition, as the Japanese Standards Association has revised JIS, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications intends to make the necessary amendments to the Ministerial Ordinance, such as citing the new standard numbers.

  Summary of Amending the Ministerial Ordinance of Technical Standards and Requirements for Metal Escape Ladders(Draft))




(Effective Date of Execution: March 1, 2006(Supplemental Provision))

  (If anyone is interested in expressing opinions, please submit it in accordance with guideline below < Opinion Submission Guide Line> . Please understand that no individual base of response will be made.)

意見募集要項(Opinion Submission Guide Line)〉
  (Submission Termination Date: November 7, 2005 (In case of mail submission, it shall reached by this date).)

.意見提出方法(Submission Instruction)
 氏名、職業及び連絡先(住所、電話番号、電子メールアドレス等)を日本語で御記 入の上、次に掲げるいずれかの方法で提出して下さい。
  (Your opinion shall be in a written format in Japanese with your name, occupation, and place of contact (address, telephone number, e-mail address and etc.)
  We kindly request of your understanding that we are not able to accept your opinion over telephone.)

FAX番号 03−5253−7533
  (In case of submitting your opinion by a facsimile: please use the following number:03-5253-7533)

 東京都千代田区霞が関2−1−2 総務省消防庁予防課 あて
  (In case of submitting your opinion by a regular mail: Please address your mail to the following address:Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Fire Prevention Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 2-1-2, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8927, JAPAN)

 電子メールアドレス kitano-j@fdma.go.jp
  (In case of submitting your opinion by an e-mail: Please use the following e-mail address:kitano-j@fdma.go.jp The file format of e-mail must in Text format.)

  (We would like to ask your kind understanding that with exception of your address, the contents of all your opinion may have a possibility of making it publicly known.)

.  問い合わせ先(Point of Inquiry)
  (Fire Prevention Division of Fire and Disaster Management Agency : Kitano (Person in Charge)
Telephone Number: +81-03-5253-7523
Facsimile Number: +81-03-5253-7533
E-Mail Address: kitano-j@fdma.go.jp


.  資料の入手方法(Information and Resources)
  (You may be able to obtain addition information and reference materials from Reference Library Room of Fire and Disaster Management Agency that is listed on the homepage of Fire and Disaster Management Agency.)

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