5.Rescue・First aid ・Putting out fires just after they break out

When a strong tremor strikes, secure your safety first and then put out the fire.

●The first thing to do when a tremor strikes is to get under a desk or the like to protect yourself. If anything catches on fire, try to kill the flames after the tremors stop.
●If a fire breaks out, call out loudly for help while trying to put the fire out with a nearby fire extinguisher.
●If you can't extinguish the fire early enough and the fire spreads to the ceiling, secure your own safety and the safety of others in the house, then call the fire department.
●When waiting for the arrival of the fire department, check that the neighbors have evacuated (especially people who need help, such as children or the elderly). Work with neighbors and community disaster-relief organizations to prevent the spread of fire by arranging bucket relays, etc.