1.While driving a car

Unforeseen accidents may result if you try to make a sudden stop.

œIf you feel a tremor,
@ 1. Never make a sudden stop. Keep firm hold of the steering wheel and gradually slow down, paying attention to the cars in front of you and behind. Pull over to the left side of the road when it is safe to do so.
@ 2. Turn off the engine and stay in your car until the tremors stop. Get information from the car radio.
@ 3. If you need to evacuate the area, take important items, including your car registration. Leave the key in the car and a note with your contact address. Leave the doors unlocked.
@ 4. Vacate the area on foot.
œDo not vacate by car. This will block the passage of emergency vehicles.
œIf driving on the highway, observe the following points in addition to the points mentioned for regular roads above.
›When driving at high speed, turn on your hazard lamps to ensure that the cars ahead of you and behind you can see you.
›Emergency exits are located at about 1 km intervals on highways. You can escape to the ground on foot via one of those exits.