9.Seismic diagnosis/anti-seismic reinforcement for houses ・Anti-seismic reinforcement

It is extremely important to reinforce your house against earthquakes, to ensure that you will be able to lead life as usual after an earthquake. Carry out anti-seismic reinforcements as necessary to secure the safety of your house.

●Seismic reinforcements include the following:
@ Reinforcing foundations by casting extra concrete, etc.
A Reinforcing wall surfaces using structural plywood or bracing members.
B Reinforcing the building from the outside using auxiliary struts, etc.
C Reinforcing with bracing members, etc.
D Reinforcing overhanging verandas, etc.
E Reducing the weight of the roof.
F Increasing the number of columns.
G Replacing columns or beams and reinforcing metal fixtures.
●Some local municipalities offer subsidies to pay for reinforcements. Ask your local municipality for details.