Typhoons and Rainstorms
3.At time like this... Call rescue

In case of fire or personal injury, or any other emergency, pick up the phone and dial 1-1-9.
After dialing 1-1-9, you will be asked if there is a fire, or if an ambulance is needed.
KAJI means fire.
Q-Q means emergency, and Q-Q-sha means ambulance.
Please respond by saying either KAJI or Q-Q. Then tell the operator your address, your name, and the number of the phone you are calling from.
It may be convenient to write out your address and phone number in Japanese, and place them on the wall next to your telephone, so you can stay calm and efficient in case of an emergency.

If you are using a public telephone, first push the red button, then dial 1-1-9.
If you have difficulty explaining the situation in Japanese, try to find someone nearby to help you.

In a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake, it may be impossible to reach the 1-1-9 operator. Also, fire and rescue teams may not be able to respond quickly because of damage to transportation routes or the large volume of calls. Therefore, it is up to each person to be prepared, and to know what to do in case a disaster strikes.

There are ten common-sense rules for what to do in the event of a typhoon or torrential rainstorm. The information presented here may help to save your life.